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Login and registration Support

I am unable to login. The error message says, “invalid username/password”.

There could be a few reasons that you are seeing this error. Your account may not be activated, the email address you are using does not match the email address provided by your employer for login, or your password may be incorrect. If you forgot your password, click Forgot Password to be taken to the Password Reset page. Check your junk/spam/similar folders if you are not seeing the email in your inbox. For other issues, please reach out to support@safesynx.com to determine if your account has been activated or if there is an issue with the email you are using to login.

I am getting an “invalid password” error on the registration page. How do I fix this?

If you are on the registration page and it isn’t letting you activate your account due to the password, it is likely because the password you are inputting does not meet the password criteria. safesynx require User’s to create complex passwords. You will need to create a password that is at least six (6) characters in length and includes a mixture of:
 - 6 Characters
 - An Uppercase Letter
 - A Lowercase Letter
 - A Number
 - A Special (*.,$%^|@) Character

I am getting the “Invalid Email/Registration code” error. How do I login?  

As a first step, please review the registration email you received to determine if the email address the registration code was sent to is the same email address you are using to activate your account. The registration code is sent to the email address we received from your employer during account implementation. If the email address we received from your employer does not match your actual email address, you can email us at support@safesynx.com to have that information updated. 

If the Email and Registration Code you are using look correct, you can also try utilizing the Forgot Password feature. The system will only let you register once, so you may be receiving this error due to already being registered.

The email displayed on the page doesn't match the email address I received. Which email address should I use?

Depending on the version of the application you are using, you may be seeing the placeholder text we have displayed in the email address field. However, once you start typing in your email address, this text will be replaced by what you enter in that field.

My employer has signed up for safesynx, but I wasn’t sent a registration code. Who do I reach out to?

We recommend double checking your spam folder to see if the registration email was accidentally sorted to your spam folder. If your registration email isn’t in your spam folder, please email support@safesynx.com to verify the email address we have on file for you and to get a new registration email sent to you.

I wasn't sent a registration code. How do I login?

If you have checked your Spam folder and can’t find your registration email, it may be that your email address is listed incorrectly in the system or that you have not been added to the system yet. Please contact support@safesynx.com so we can help you get registered.

Where will the support center (i.e. phone number) be in the app?

Our support email is support@safesynx.com and we can help address any questions not addressed in this FAQ.

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Admin Support

How do we get new employees added to the app?

Adding new employees is easy! We will need a simple demographic file that includes each employee’s name, email address, and work site location (the location the employee reports to work). Once we receive the demographic file, we will send each employee in the file their registration code to login to their account and begin using safesynx.

Where do the emails come from?

The emails will come from no-reply@safesynx.com.

Will admins have the ability to override decisions within the app?

Depending on what your employer has decided, administrator’s may be able to override decisions within the application. However, we recommend against overriding the application decision because the application makes decisions on the most recent CDC guidance. Administrators should follow their specific quarantine policies and the employer will be solely responsible for any losses caused by an override to an application decision by an administrator.

Can the admin answer the questions for employees?

Currently, safesynx does not allow and administrator to answer the questions for employees. If an administrator would like to record answers to questions for employees, we recommend the administrator collect those answers verbally, have the employee sign off on those answers, and document the result on paper. Administrator’s should follow their usual health data collection protocols regarding the specific answers to the health questionnaire delivered verbally.

Will I receive results notifications when employees complete the survey?

safesynx sends administrators a daily email to check their dashboard to review any employees who may have received a "Not Cleared" result and may require some follow up after the survey.

Can we customize when the Administrator email is sent in the morning?

We are happy to accommodate specific time requests for the daily email reminder. If there is a specific time you would like to be reminded to take the survey, please contact us at support@safesynx.com to adjust the timing for your daily reminder.  

How do I figure out "Who has been quarantined for the first time today?"

Employees who have been quarantined for the first time that day will have a Days Quarantined = 0 on the Quarantine Watch List. Tip: You can sort your Quarantine Watch List results by the Days Quarantine column (lowest to highest) and any 0's will be at the top of the results table.

Additional Support


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